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Anonymous asked
Hi. I'd just like to thank you for all the great work you've done so far in Rat Queens. I've honestly been self conscious about the way I look in the past. But ever since Rat Queens has come out my perspective of myself has changed. I feel a lot better about how I look because you draw really cute curvy girls/sexy badass ladies! ;D


Wow. You have no idea how much that means to me. I draw different body types to show that they are all beautiful. Each a work of art unto itself. And I hate that society has fucked up our views of what beauty is. 

So, for you to say Rat Queens has made you feel better about your self-image…  It hit me right in the feels. Seriously, I got emotional. I’m glad you feel good about yourself. You should. I’m also glad that our book played a part in that.

I hope your confidence continues to grow because, clearly, you’re fucking awesome.

Just wanted to add a few thoughts and a link.

I’ve struggled with body image my whole fucking life. Right now I’m at a higher weight and it makes me feel very self conscious. I understand what it’s like to look around and see everyone and assume that they are what’s normal and right. 

ECCC was a huge thing for me this year. So much so that even my fiancee noticed. She told me I looked confident, more than I ever had before. And, I guess I hadn’t noticed.

Because I was so overwhelmed with the happiness coming from the people who loved my writing. I was DOING something that made a difference. They didn’t come up to my table and think I looked fat in a shirt. They came up and said “Thank you.”

We get so caught up in our own heads, living every moment like every living person sees only our outside, that we forget how everything else about us matters so much more. 

I want to leave you, anon, with an article. It’s about my struggle with anorexia, being overweight, and body image. 

And, please, never forget that you are more than what you perceive yourself to be on the outside. You contribute to peoples lives in ways you probably don’t even realize. And there’s more value in the imprint you leave on another person’s life than how you look in a t-shirt.

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    Rat Queens is a force for good (/wholesale slaughter/debauchery) in the world.
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    Another reason Rat Queens is simply magnificent
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    Just wanted to add a few thoughts and a link. I’ve struggled with body image my whole fucking life. Right now I’m at a...