The items of interest of Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer of Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust


crazylapaint asked
I'm sorry so many idiots are attacking you on anon, I have to agree that Family Guy isn't that funny.

It’s been a nice distraction from my screaming daughter.

vumbo asked
I seriously didn't think it was possible for you to e more awesome, but your responses to anon hate have elevated you once again. How can I go about pledging fealty to House Weibe?

Jack Daniels and hugs.

Anonymous asked
your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it



the latest issue of Rat Queens is out today

full test run of Hannah for #nycc

Anonymous asked
You thought too much into that Simpsons vs Family Guy episode it's just a cartoon

I really didn’t. You’ll notice my response was one sentence. You probably thought more about my response than I thought about my response. Then you spent more time responding to my response to tell me my original response was too much.

I win.

Anonymous asked
What do you think of the fact that you are getting hate for a subjective comment that is the same as "I ate this PB&J sandwich, I love peanut butter but hate jelly."?

I think if I’d had hope in humanity to begin with, I might’ve lost a little.

Anonymous asked
But you do know family guy wrote that part of the episode right? Even the part Lisa's saying but I do like the way you're handling all these anons though

It just wasn’t funny. Which is my experience with Family Guy any time I watch it.

darkerthanbrad asked
"They're just shows that reach millions of people everyday, get over it." Thank you for your work and the lovely comics you make! I'm sorry you're getting anonymous hate from people. You rock.

It was either responding to them or getting actual work done.

Anonymous asked
You realise the Simpsons and family guy are just cartoons right? Chill.

Yes. And you’ll notice I said I liked one and not the other. Pretty chill over here.